new bags

Smokey Amethyst and Whimsical Flowers

I finished another bag this morning. I have a thing for green, and after that I have a thing for all things lavender, especially earthy versions. I think it’s part of having hair that’s prone to auburn tones and having freckles. They are “my” colours.

I find lately that I’ve gotten braver in regards to my embroidery designs. For a time I stayed with what was safe, but perhaps when you grow and experience life on a deeper level, you are more daring. It manifests itself in your creativity.

I adore pottery buttons!! Heck I adore pottery! So organic and real.

new bags


Results of my latest fibery fun now listed in my etsy shop. I have lots of projects on the go, and many ideas bubbling around my head and on paper. I’m also thoroughly distracted with decorating my house via cans and cans of paint (see an example below). Spring has prompted me to be inclined to want to feather my nest! I have the need for new decorator pillows for a couch, I’m thinking felted and embroidered. Hmmmmm.

This used to be cobalt blue tile with a varnished oak mantle. A lick of paint and presto-chango!

A new table and pillows have added some joy to our family room. Now to get some warm pale green on the walls.