a good day for a confidence boost!

Um, I’m sitting here with my head spinning.  I unknowingly got featured on the front page of Etsy today.  A fellow Canadian Etsian was kind enough to let me know, and even got a screen shot of it.  Thank you Persephone’s Awakening!!

Thanks to Google Analytics, I also saw that a fellow Etsy blogger featured me amongst many other lovely bags.  Thank you Fria!

Green tote now has over 3000 views, and 100 hearts.  I got 121 new people making my shop a favourite of theirs.  I hope this doesn’t sound like bragging, it’s just so sweet and encouraging.  It’s so easy for us Etsians to wonder if people like our work.




making a sale


Last night this bag sold. Last week another bag sold. I always get a thrill when I sell a bag. Now we can pay that dentist bill that’s been sitting on Jon’s desk. More than that though, it gives me a charge of motivation and inspiration to keep on creating. I have a natural love of creating, but I appreciate anything that boosts my enthusiam.

I’m always grateful to those who support people like me. Thank you!!!