new bags

crocheted flap bag / new flickr group ~ “Design a Day”


I was invited, along with many other etsians, to join a very motivation-inducing group started by the near legendary Brooke, a.k.a. Gemmafactrix.  Here’s how she describes the group:

“I created this group to inspire creativity – in myself and others! The challenge is this: make something new every day for a month. You can continue on for longer, of course, but the idea is to create a new design, however simple, every day for a month. Often I get o caught up in selling my work – taking photos, packaging, shipping, updating my website – that I forget to just enjoy creating. Hopefully this group will help me – and you – do that.” 🙂

So, for the month of February, I will be trying my darndest to pop out one new item per day.  Realistically, with how time-consuming my creations can be, this is going to be a tough challenge.  No matter, it’s a great source of motivation.

The above purse is my Day 1 creation.  It was 80% complete until an hour ago.  I had yet to trim the flap.  Trimming the flap takes forever!!!!  I go around each and every square centimeter of that flap, neating it up with my scissors.

I dare say I’m going to have to give up eating and sleeping for the next 29 days!


still at it


Still knitting away and trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays.  I’m working on mini-handbags.  They are a quicker knit and so I hope to be able to offer a bag that’s artsy and affordable.  I really must stop knitting and do some felting and embroidery.  Once I get on a knitting binge, I can’t be stopped.  I just finished the heathery blue one and I want to immediately cast on for another!

I knit, therefore I am.